The Post-Graduate Course in Sports Law aims to provide specialised knowledge in the relationship between Law and Sports, allowing participants to gain further knowledge about the norms regulating sports activities.

Introduction to Sports Law

4h History of Portuguese Sports Law
2h The system of rules in Sport
5h Desporto e Constituição da República Portuguesa
2h Sports Framework Laws

2nd Module

Europe and Sport

Semester Europe and Sport
2h Television broadcasting rights and Competition Law

3rd Module

Sports Agents

4h Labour relations in sports (athletes)
2h Labour relations in sports (managers and referees)
2h Contrato de formação desportiva
4h Os intermediários
4h Agentes desportivos, seleções e representações nacionais

4th Module

Sports Organisations

6h Sports clubs and companies
2h Sociedades desportivas e insolvência
3h Sociedades desportivas: aspetos críticos
2h A responsabilidade dos administradores das sociedades desportivas
2h Sports Framework Laws
4h As ligas profissionais e as relações om as federações
2h The International Olympic Committee
2h International sports federations
4h Uma associação continental: UEFA

5.º Módulo

Tax and social Security in Sports

Semester Tax and Social Security in Sports

6th Module

Liabilities in Sports

6h Civil liability in sports
2h Insurance and sports
2h Principles of disciplinary liability in sports
4h As infracções disciplinares no âmbito da dopagem
4h Criminal liability in sports. Practicing sports and Criminal Law
2h Behaviour harmful to truthfulness, loyalty and fair play in competition and its outcome on sports activities
2h Fraude e apostas desportivas
2h Crimes set out in sports anti-doping laws
2h Crimes set out in the legal regime against violence, racism, xenophobia and intolerance in sporting event

7th Module

Resolution of Disputes in Sports

2h Justice in sports: evolution
4h Composition and internal organisation of the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS)
2h The CAS arbitrators
2h Necessary arbitration (I)
2h Voluntary arbitration
2h The International Court of Arbitration for Sport in Lausanne
4h A DCR da FIFA

8th Module

Specifics in Sports Law

2h Sponsorship agreements
2h Image rights and the right to sporting event
2h International negotiation and player transfers
2h Match fixing and online sports betting
2h New approaches to fighting doping in sports
2h A prevenção e combate à violência associada ao desporto
4h Aspetos jurídicos dos e-sports


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