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Dean of the Católica | Lisbon School of Law

Jorge Pereira da Silva |Dean of the Católica | Lisbon School of Law

This is where you can learn what it is that sets us apart as a teaching and research institution. In every activity we have carried out throughout our 40-year existence, we have never lost sight of the values of human dignity and justice, and have always had a strong sense of responsibility for the community.

These are the values that have guided us daily in the gradual design of a model academic project which is internally and externally acclaimed, and which is founded on three main principles: quality, internationalisation and innovation.  Quality translates into recruiting, as well as supporting their professional development, the academic staff – which includes eminent Portuguese professors and professors from some of the most highly regarded European and American universities. Quality is also expressed in the demanding character of both the entry process and the contents of our courses, from the B.A. to the Ph.D., including several master and other post-graduate courses.

The B.A. at Católica | Lisbon School of Law reflects the pioneering role that the School had in the internationalisation of the teaching of Law in Portugal. On the one hand, in addition to their regular syllabus, undergraduate students can choose from a large number of courses from the Transnational Law Curriculum. On the other hand, the English-language LL.M. and Ph.D. courses within the Global School of Law (which was founded in 2009 in order to promote courses in English) are amongst the best in the world.

The Lisbon School Research Centre for the Future of Law illustrates the School’s commitment to innovation in Law. Since 2012, the Centre has participated in multidisciplinary network projects, and had a leading role in the research of groundbreaking themes.

The awareness of our responsibility towards future generations inspires us to do our best and move beyond our comfort zone on a daily basis. After all, every one of us is a relay runner in a long-distance race trying to receive and pass the baton.

Thank you for visiting our website.

Jorge Pereira da Silva | Dean of the Católica | Lisbon School of Law