Católica Tax is an exemplary project focused on fiscal aspects that takes advantage of the international experience of our faculty, especially through Católica Global School of Law, and the recognition that it has received.

The aim of Católica Tax is to bring together a unique body of teaching staff, capable of bringing to the university the study of the most complex subjects in Tax Law, including transfer pricing, financial sector tax, VAT reform proposals within the EU, and the restructuring of the energy sector tax in developing countries.
In its approach to tax law, Católica Tax aims therefore to pay attention to the domestic tax agenda while considering the latest international developments. It is an approach that attracts the community of legal practitioners and students whose main interest lies in tax law.

Católica Tax organises, both in Portugal and abroad, seminars, workshops, congresses and publications characterised by a global approach to tax law. The Post-graduation Course in Tax Law, the Master of Laws in Taxation, and the Summer School are three great programmes run by this project.


Formação Executivos - Pós-Graduação em Fiscalidade - Testemunhos - Rita Terrível

Rita Terrível

“Docentes com um sólido e brilhante percurso nas mais diversas áreas fiscais”