Preparing students for active professional life is a priority of the Catolica | Lisbon School of Law, which therefore offers several practical programmes, which enable the differentiation of each academic path and raise the students’ potential from the first year of the degree onwards.

Through the Mentoring Programme, 1st year students are accompanied by a prestigious, experienced alumnus (Mentor) for 12 months, which allows students to complement their academic education, get to know about the main career options following their degree; gain practical insights into their future professional activity, and start building their professional network.

Job Shadowing
The Alumni Network, together with the Career Office, allows students to spend a day observing (job shadowing) the working day of an alumnus, thus becoming familiar with the reality of Law outside the classroom. The job shadowing programme is aimed at 2nd, 3rd and 4th year students.

Legal Clinics
The Catholic University has introduced the Legal Clinics programme into Portugal. This ensures a "learn by doing" training by allowing students, from the 3rd year onwards, to deepen the practical aspect of Law. Under the joint guidance of teachers and experienced professionals, students:

  • Make contact with real cases;
  • Put into practice what they learnt in their Law Degree;
  • Benefit from an important professional experience which, in the future, will enable a head start in professional life.

Summer traineeships
In the context of protocols concluded between the Faculty - Career Office - and various entities, the Law Degree encourages and stimulates the vocational training component outside the Faculty on an internship basis (external practicum). In the 3rd and 4th years, students can then undertake short-term traineeships in law offices, companies and the Public Administration.

From the moment they begin their Degree until completion, students who choose to invest in knowledge and the development of their skills and competencies have access to a wide range of opportunities. The workshops, organised throughout the academic year by the Career Office, are designed to help students reflect on what really makes the difference upon entering the job market and in the development of soft skills.


Admissions Office - Undergraduate Programme

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