Through its Centre for Legal Opinions, the Católica Research Centre for the Future of Law analyses and addresses emerging legal issues of particular complexity brought to the fore by companies, law firms, public institutions and non-governmental organisations. These issues require in-depth interdisciplinary and comparative law research.

The Centre for Legal Opinions provides legal consultations, carries out legal studies and prepares legislative reforms. It gathers specialists in various fields of law and benefits from the dialogue between national and foreign academics with a strong theoretical background, on the one hand, and legal experts working in the private sector, on the other.

Because the Centre for Legal Opinions is established within Universidade Católica Portuguesa, it is able to engage other fields of knowledge – such as economics, healthcare sciences, political science or market research – in responding to consultations. This enables it to address multidisciplinary matters that are not exclusively legal in nature.

In sum, the Centre for Legal Opinions is a space for reflection on current legal issues that is open to civil society and that ensures impartiality and cost foreseeability.

Director: Elsa Vaz de Sequeira

Executive Director: Tiago Macieirinha