Cassius Lobo

Kuster Machado Advogados Associados

“With its program structured around the currently prevailing corporate reality, the Universidade Católica Portuguesa Master’s Degree in Tax Law is highly recommendable to law professionals and students seeking to deepen their knowledge in this field. As part of the program focuses on the global market, this is attractive to jurists of every nationality in addition to providing valuable networking with tax specialists from diverse countries. Allied to these factors are the highly qualified professors ensuring the Master’s Degree in Tax Law is an excellent option for those seeking recognition in the job market.”

Dáudia Patrícia

Master in Tax Law

"During my undergraduate degree, I began developing an interest in the fiscal field. On graduation, I understood that the knowledge acquired remained insufficient to deal with the market. After having seen the Universidade Católica Portuguesa Master’s Degree in Tax Law, I did not delay in grasping how this was exactly what I needed to attain the qualifications I sought and meet marketplace demands. This program met all of my expectations, especially due to the fact of understanding how wide reaching it is and because the materials discussed hold relevance to any fiscal system and the Angolan case proves no exception. Furthermore, during the program, we gain constant contact with the labour market and this elicits many professional opportunities. Definitively, my concept of Tax Law is no longer the same after this experience. Finally, I may consider myself duly prepared to deal with the Angolan market as this Master’s Degree provides all the necessary tools to this end.”

Mariana Magalhães Rapoula

Assistant Consultant
PricewaterhouseCoopers/PwC Portugal
Master in Tax Law

“The Master’s Degree in Tax Law provides a truly complete program, which gives us the opportunity to develop knowledge in every area of tax law and to learn from benchmark professionals in the field of tax consultancy, law and teaching at the international level. This Master’s Degree program highlights its investment in the development of technical competences and in close contact with the labour market. Students gain the privilege of visiting firms and consultancies, in events exclusively designed for them, where they may get to know the companies, their recruiters and gain a sneak peek into the recruitment process and the type of work ongoing there. It is exactly this balance between all these aspects that distinguishes our Master’s Degree not only in terms of employability but also in the ways in which its students perceive their entrance into professional life: duly prepared and informed.”

Rita Pereira de Abreu

Trainee Lawyer
Vieira de Almeida & Associados
Master in Tax Law

“When I decided to take my master’s in Tax Law, the “Católica Tax” program was my first and only choice. Today, I see that this was the right option. It is truly difficult to describe this master’s in just a few word because what you take away from this intensive year reaches beyond the range of subjects and their lecturers. Excellence here is a given fact! The way in which the subjects are lectured and the diversity in the teaching staff provide constant sources of learning. The eminently practical teaching and contact with such real and complex cases trains us from the very first day in what are to become the greatest challenges of our professional life. In an openly globalised market, close contact with international lecturers with a genuine philosophy as regards the sharing of knowledge and experiences, represents an invaluable bonus to preparations to join the job market. Persistence, resilience and the capacity to confront challenges with the right attitude are, undoubtedly, among the greatest tools that I take away from this truly innovative program.”


Graduate Programmes - Students' Office

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Ana Ferrão

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3rd Semester - Dissertation:
Anabela Filipe
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