Bachelor Studies at home University & Selection for the programme

The “bachelor studies” (LL.B., Licenciatura, or Bachelor/Erstes Juristisches Examen, Laurea, Ptychio or equivalent first 3-year degree) shall be organised by each home University independently.

The selection process for the Student Exchange Programme will be organized by the home University, based upon both linguistic and academic criteria. The students selected are to be sent to two other chosen universities (during their 5th and 6th years of studies) and are expected to meet the entry requirements of the receiving university.
The universities mentioned below will admit students from partner universities who meet the entry criteria required for their LL.M. programme. Upon successfull completion, students will be awarded the respective diploma/degree.

Upon successful completion of the Student Exchange Programme of the ELS Network, students will be awarded independent degrees obtained from two Universities of the ELS Network, and will also receive a joint certificate signed by the President of the Network named “Juriste Européen” Certificate.


The academic fees for each degree are payable by the students participating in the Student Exchange Programme of the ELS Network to the host University for which they are enrolled in the relevant year.


Students participating in the Student Exchange Programme of the ELS Network will be allowed to take part to the Summer School activities of the “Juriste Européen” Programme. Upon successful completion, they will be awarded a certificate of attendance to the Summer School. Further information: