Coordinator: Maria de Fátima Ribeiro | CV

Integrated Members:
Ana Filipa Morais Antunes | CV
Armando Triunfante | CV
Fernando Augusto Ferreira Pinto | CV
Giuseppe Mazziotti
Jan Hendrik Dalhuisen | CV
José Augusto Quelhas Lima Engrácia Antunes | CV
Maria Daniela Farto Baptista Passos | CV
Maria Victória Rodrigues Vaz Ferreira da Rocha | CV
Rui Manuel Corucho Duarte Morais | CV
Nuno Sousa e Silva
Paulo Miguel Olavo Pitta e Cunha | CV
Rui Manuel Corucho Duarte Morais
Rui Pinto Duarte
Sérgio Trigo Tavares Vasques | CV
Tomás Maria Cantista de Castro Tavares | CV

Abel Ferreira
Anastasiia Kyrylenko 
Efigénia Pinto Marabuto de Carvalho Tavares
Emília Rita Bragança da Silva Ferreira
Fábio Ivo Nave Moreira
Filipe Cerqueira Alves | CV
José Estaca
José Luís Domingos
José Manuel Conde Rodrigues
Justin Righettini
Luís António Ramos Correia Araújo

The goal of this strand is to promote the study of Business Law in an integrated perspective. That is why the associated research group congregates highly reputed researchers in the areas of commercial law, contract law and tax law.

The research group will develop its work mainly around three major subjects: i) the productive organizations and their typical legal structure; (ii) the (contractual and non-contractual) instruments used by these productive organizations in their activity; and (iii) the tax impact of these activities. The subjects will be worked not only from an applied perspective, but also with an eye on furthering the results of fundamental research.

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