Building a successful career is a process that starts in the first year of your undergraduate degree, and knowing how to do it correctly can make a world of difference. Católica | Lisbon School of Law students can therefore count on the Career Office.

  • In order to benefit from the Career Office guidance and have access to new opportunities, students must submit their registration to the Career Office.
  • Students willing to schedule an appointment must contact in advance by email.

The Career Office attends to undergraduate and postgraduate students’ needs by designing activities the purpose of which is to help students enter the job market, namely:

Guidance Sessions
Students registered with the Office are given guidance and advice on a one-to-one basis.

CV and Personal Statement Revision
Writing techniques, support in the process of selecting strategic information and highlighting strong aspects in each student’s academic record.

On-campus Presentations
Information sessions (suggested by students and upon invitation by the Career Office) led by potential recruiting entities, alumni, law firms.

Open Days in Law Firms / Companies
Visits to offices which may become the students’ future workplaces (upon proposal by the Career Office or through invitation by the companies).

On-campus Interviews
On-campus interviews led by recruiters from recruiting companies and law firms.

Forwarding Average Grade Lists
Authorised sharing of lists containing the names and grades of (finalist and pre-finalist) Master’s and Undergraduate students with recruiters at the beginning of each academic year.

Traineeships and Job Offers
Publicizing job offers in the law firms, companies and Public Office services that have established a protocol with the School.

Workshop/Seminars Organisation
Sessions aimed at developing the soft skills valued by employers.

A novel initiative in which students have the possibility of making contact with the job marketplace for the first time.


Maria Forjaz Pereira

Maria Forjaz Pereira

Estágio | 2020
"A mobilidade internacional alargou notoriamente os meus conhecimentos".