I. Eduniversal - Business and Commercial Law

The Católica Global School of Law LL.M. (Masters of Laws) are in the 14th and 27th places in the list of the 50 best programmes in Western Europe.

  • LL.M. Law in a European and Global Context
  • Advanced LL.M. in International Business Law

The prominent presence of the LL.M. amongst this selection of programmes translates the success of the Católica Global School of Law’s mission: to develop an outstanding centre for the teaching and research of Law in Portugal, with a global vocation. Once more, our emphasis on innovation and the capacity to prepare students for the global market is internationally acknowledged.

II. Financial Times – Innovative Law Schools Report

The Católica Global School of Law LL.M. (Masters of Laws) were mentioned in the Innovative Law Schools Report, which was published by the prestigious British newspaper Financial Times from 2010 to 2016. The Católica Global School of Law was the only Portuguese Law School in this selection.