Ph. D. Programme

Program Description

The Ph.D. Programme is defined according to the Católica | Lisbon School of Law strategic development plan:

  1. Outstanding level of scientific research;
  2. Internationalisation;
  3. Connection between university and community.

In general terms, the aims of the Ph.D. are:

  1. To train high quality researchers in Law, who can make significant contributions to the national and international scientific production;
  2. To train postgraduates who will be able to contribute to the renewal of the teaching of Law;
  3. To train highly qualified legal professionals who can contribute to the improvement of the legal structures and the functioning of Law in Portugal;
  4. To promote the global scientific development of Law.

Through the Ph.D. programme, students will:

  1. Develop skills enabling a scientific and systematic in-depth grasp of a certain legal domain;   
  2. Hone their talent for conducting highly critical and reflexive legal research autonomously, using multidisciplinary tools;
  3. Develop their ability to present original contributions to relevant legal problems;
  4. Develop their ability to argue in a rigorous and scientifically informed manner, through oral and written communication;
  5. Have the possibility to take part in Católica Global School of Law LL.M. courses or Global Ph.D. Programme modules.