Mentoring and Job Shadowing Programmes


The Mentoring Programme is aimed at students admitted to the 1st year of the Undergraduate Degree. Each student is accompanied by a prestigious alumnus with more than 10 years of workplace experience.

 Over the course of twelve months, students selected for the Programme will:

  • Complement their academic education with the perspective of an experienced Alumnus;
  • Have privileged contact with the main career options following their degree;
  • Gain practical insights into their future professional activity;
  • Start building their professional network.

This is a Programme that enables the differentiation of our Students’ academic path and the unlocking of their potential!

Job Shadowing

The Alumni Network, together with the Careers Office, offers the Job Shadowing Programme.

Aimed at 2nd year, pre-finalist and finalist undergraduate students, the goal of the project is to make students familiar with the jobs of legal practitioners.

Job Shadowing participants are their mentors’ “shadows” for a day, observing when and what is the best way of putting into practice what they have learnt (from a technical and valuing perspective) and enhancing their understanding of what the job is actually like.


Madalena Vilaça

Madalena Vilaça

"Tenho o privilégio de entrar onde sempre sonhei"