João Vieira de Almeida

João Vieira de Almeida
Managing Partner | Vieira de Almeida & Associados

VdA is a law firm oriented to the provision of advice and guidance regarding companies and commercial transactions. Knowledge of  Corporate and Business Law is particularly important for us. For this reason, to encourage that particular specialisation, by supporting the best degree programmes in the best universities, is more than a corporate citizenship duty; it is a true extension of our interest as investors in talent and knowledge. Our motto, “the Right to Excellence”, is in complete harmony with the training that the Catholic University offers its students. We acknowledge that, through the diversity of its courses and the quality of its lecturers, the Master of Corporate Law is a decisive contribution towards the training of young lawyers in the kind that we seek. Wishing to see ourselves in that high quality training, we support the Master of Corporate Law, and, additionally, we take responsibility for the traineeship of one of its three best students.



Graduate Programmes - Students' Office

1st and 2nd Semester:
Ana Ferrão

Phone: (+351) 21 721 41 74

3rd Semester - Dissertation:
Anabela Filipe
Phone: (+351) 21 721 41 76