Public Administrations and EU Law

3 ECTS / Semester / Portuguese

Given the nature and duration of the seminar, it has been structured not in a “classical”, dogmatic sense of administrative law of the European Union, but is mainly case-based. The various topics are discussed by looking at fundamental case law from the European Court of Justice.  The courses specific goals are: a) to understand the scope of the duties imposed on national public authorities as a result of belonging to a Member-State of the European Union, b) to understand and discuss the extent to which those duties put at stake the traditional role reserved for national public authorities to a Rule of Law that is European-based; and c) to identify the extent to which the referenced duties are set out in the Portuguese legal system, while critically reflecting on the solutions provided internally. 


Professor of Law
Patrícia Fragoso Martins is a Professor of Law at Católica Lisbon School of Law, where she originally graduated, later obtained a M. Phil., and a Ph.D. in…