Insolvency and Corporate Restructuring

3 ECTS / Quarterly / Portuguese

In the framework of this course, the aim is to provide tools in order to solve problems raised by the liquidation proceeding in an autonomous and creative way is dependent upon learning the syllabus (in a global and also detailed perspective) in a way that guarantees that the student achieves a minimum level of: knowledge of Insolvency Law in its fundamental characteristics and while autonomous law; deepened knowledge of all the procedural steps (from its onset to termination); perspective on the relationship between the insolvency proceeding and the remaining proceedings where the debtor is already or may become a participant in; detailed knowledge of all the substantive effects set in motion by the insolvency proceedings (identification, legal regime and termination); knowledge of the alternative solutions to the liquidation proceeding (and less extreme that this one), capable of promoting the debtor’s recovery and thus protecting the corporate fabric.


Invited Lecturer
Undergraduate Degree in Law from Católica | Porto School of Law in 1995. Master’s Degree from the School of Law of Universidade de Coimbra in Business Legal…