Contracts Enforcement

6 ECTS / Semester / Portuguese

In this course, students focus on the regime for enforcing administrative contracts in light of the provisions set out in Part III of the Public Procurement Code. The regime for objective and subjective amendment of administrative contracts is analysed in greater detail, because it arises more frequently in Portuguese courts and poses varied and challenging questions that prove difficult to resolve.  Throughout the semester, students put the administrative law they already know into practice (with a particular emphasis on the law of public procurement), along with the laws of the European Union (which inevitably limit the regime to amend contracts). At the end of the semester, students are expected to: define the construct of the administrative contract; understand its enforcement regime; identify and know the ways in which parties to public contracts can exercise their powers to configure the contractual relationship bestowed on them; determine situations of objective and subjective amendment of administrative contracts. The course is useful to all legal professions - from practicing lawyers to magistrates, as well as legal advisers (of public or private entities).


Invited Professor
Invited Professor at Católica University Law School. Graduated in Law by the University of Lisbon Law School (1995). PhD in Law from Nova University Law…