CLONE Tuition Fees & Scholarships


Detailed information on tuition fees can be found here.


Every year the Católica Research Centre for the Future of Law may grant Ph.D. scholarships. Those scholarships aim to promote cutting edge research in law and may be granted to Ph.D. students working exclusively on their doctoral studies.

To apply for a scholarship, candidates will need to sign a declaration of commitment, meet the admission requirements, and provide a personal statement, as well as the other documents required by the Doctoral Degree programme and sent to: Católica Research Centre for the Future of Law, Universidade Católica Portuguesa, Palma de Cima, 1649-023, Portugal.

Admission Requirements:

  • Masters Degree with a minimum final grade of 17 (out of 20) or exceptional curriculum vitae;
  • Undergraduate Degree in Law with a minimum final grade of 16 (out of 20).

Scholarship(s) duration:
The Ph.D. scholarship is valid for one year, and may be renewed for up to four years maximum.

Scholarship Value:
The €1275 monthly maintenance stipend will be awarded until it amounts to four scholarships, each one of them valid for a year.

Selection Methods:

  • Previous admission to the Doctoral Degree programme;
  • Academic assessment (60%) – which is the average result calculated by combining elements such as academic education, professional and research experience, foreign language skills and personal statement;
  • Personal Interview (40%) – if the assessment outcome is 16 (out of 20) or more, candidates will be invited by email to attend an interview.

An email will be sent out communicating the decision and publication of award outcomes, which will be published in an ordered list on the Dean’s Office notice board and on the Católica Research Centre for The Future of Law website.


Ph.D. Programme

Maria Cândida Andrade
Phone: (+351) 21 721 41 78