Consumer Law

6 ECTS / Semester / Portuguese

Consumer Law aims to prepare students to diagnose and suitably resolve consumer related legal issues arising from the consumer contract. The course’s emphasis is on the concept of the consumer transaction. This is the reference category, which is analysed from the dual perspective of, generally speaking, an understanding of the concept, classifications, formation, defects, pathologies and forms of legal protection; and, specifically, the critical analysis of consumer contracts that are defined by law, based on scholarly opinion and case law. Consumer Law is explored as a branch of Private Law whose scope of application goes beyond the technical concept of the consumer to encompass a vast array of persons. The course’s main goal is to highlight the significant practical interest of Consumer Law issues, while clarifying and organising its operational legal instruments. In a word, the course emphasises knowledge for practical and not merely speculative pursuits.


Professor of Law
Professor of Private Law at the Lisbon School of Law of the Portuguese Catholic University, where she teaches “General Theory of Contracts”, “Contractual…