Descrição do Programa

The course is directed at tax professionals that want to refresh, update and increase their knowledge of international tax law, bearing in mind the rapid evolution felt in the field over the last years. The course will be taught entirely in English and using an online platform, to allow a greater proximity with international lecturers as well as the participation of international students.

The course will count with experts in the topic of each class (in-as-much as possible published authors with relevant work related with the topic of each class).

Given the course is directed at working professionals, it will be taught over a period of approximately 3 to 4 months and will account for a necessary balance between professional and personal lives to avoid disruptions to student’s everyday routine. Thus, the course will be taught predominantly before each days’ close of business.

Main differentiation factors of the program include its timespan and online structure, which makes it compatible with the busy schedule of a working professional, as well as access to an international faculty.

This program is currently under scientific development. In due time, more information will be posted with further developments and information.



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