Jornal Diurna. launches first national edition

Monday, October 31, 2022 - 11:24

The Jornal Diurna., a project developed by students at the Universidade Católica Portuguesa, presents today, October 31st, its first national edition.

Founded in 2020, "the Jornal Diurna. was always intended to be plural, as it was created by students from various schools on the Porto campus where this multidisciplinary reality is lived," says Nuno Brochado de Agarez, national director.

Following the challenge of the Rectory of the UCP and after eight editions, the publication expands its editorial team to Lisbon, in order to reflect the various campi of the University. "To be an aggregating hub for the best that is offered between the two campi of Porto and Lisbon, respecting the differences and cultivating synergies, two autonomous editorial teams were set up, with their own leaderships, which will work together to create each issue to be published," explains the student of the Double Degree in Law and Management.

This first national edition is the result of joint work between the two editorial teams, coordinated by the founder and National Director, Nuno Brochado de Agarez, and the two Editors-in-Chief, Maria Luís Gaspar (Porto) and Catarina Andrade (Lisbon). Also part of the team is the editors Daniela Magalhães Costa, Guilherme Santos and Ana Rita Magalhães (Porto) and Maria Pia Silva, Bernardo Torres Pêgo and Pedro Almeida e Brito (Lisbon).

The team invites you to read this 8th edition and also to participate in the next issues, through the section "A Tua Ousadia de Escrever".