José Luís Arnaut
Managing Partner | CMS Rui Pena & Arnaut



"The Law is increasingly connected to economic activities and business management, and at the same time these activities increasingly depend on the Law. While each has a different core academic training, legal practitioners and managers need to form an alliance and understand each other while they carry out their jobs. This is only possible if a closer connection is established between the people and the activities of these two fields. It will allow each party to know the other better. And this is the aim of the Master of Law and Business: to introduce and teach a new “language” that enables and develops the potential of the indispensable relationship between legal practitioners and managers within the context of a company. This Master’s Degree is a crucial tool for both parties and, no doubt, an element that adds value to their respective curricula. It guarantees a successful career in consultancy, both in the main consulting and law firms, and in the consulting departments of the companies themselves. For lawyers, to understand and enter the so-called “business world” is increasingly important, as is being able to respond to the challenge of creating new legal formulas that are reliable and fair, as well as capable of development in the global world in which companies need to be integrated. For managers, to know the company’s legal framework, as well as that of their own entrepreneurship, is very relevant in the sense that it enables them to avoid risk and uncertainty. These are the reasons behind the increasing prestige and relevance, both at a national and international level, of the Master of Law and Business that Católica | Lisbon School of Law has been successfully promoting for some years. And these are the reasons CMS Rui Pena & Arnaut Law Firm is very proud to be one of its sponsors and supporters."


Sikander Sattar
Senior Partner and CEO | KPMG


"In a context characterised by transformation and disruption, such as the one organisations currently navigate, and in which legal, regulatory, economic and financial issues go hand in hand and are inseparable, it is essential to bridge different areas of knowledge. In this sense, KPMG’s support to this Catholic University Master’s Degree is a natural mean of contributing to the creation of a new profile of Law experts. These developments in the entrepreneurial world also impact upon the talented people we seek in order to add value to our organisation. The articulation of a solid core background with a wide range of skills and perspectives is increasingly valued. On the other hand, a manager must be able to find legal interlocutors who are placed at the intersection between Law and Management, so that they can more effectively contribute to the decision process. At a time when digital transformation is unstoppable, and we are currently going through what has been considered the 4th industrial revolution, to broaden skills, vision and scope enables us to stand out as we approach new challenges. We believe that this innovative learning opportunity will allow the emergence of a host of outstanding practitioners equipped with the transversal knowledge required by the entrepreneurial universe. KPMG is happy to be associated with this Master’s Degree, thus helping to enable a new generation of leaders.”


Antonio Villacampa | Bernardo Ayala 
Managing Partners 
Uría Menéndez – Proença de Carvalho


"The Master of Law and Business is a solid and prestigious response to the challenges posed by an inescapable professional reality. It is intended for Law graduates who wish to gain knowledge and skills in business management by revisiting or amplifying mathematical, financial and accounting notions, while they reinforce their legal expertise.
This need to conjugate and perceive these two realities, Law and Business, is not new for Uría Menéndez Law Firm. Both in Portugal and in Spain, we count among our lawyers several graduates with a double degree in Law and Management.
The success of this Master’s Degree and, following the conviction that it brings added value to a lawyer’s academic training, the pleasure with which we renovate our partnership every year translates into the fact that each year a significant number of graduates working for Uría Menéndez - Proença de Carvalho enroll in it."



Graduate Programmes - Students' Office

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