Master of Law - Litigation

Program Description

Litigation is, still today, the noblest vocation for a legal practitioner. As always, this high dignity corresponds to a demanding requirement: to be rigorously, carefully and thoroughly prepared. This Master’s programme is aimed at all graduates who, having opted for this career path, are aware of the special training needs that it entails. In order to offer an appropriate answer, we have designed from scratch a broad, thorough programme, which provides the inescapable connection to litigation practices in a multidisciplinary context.

Bearing in mind the importance of training that will truly set our students apart and will unquestionably be an asset at the point when they are looking for jobs, we provide each student the opportunity of choosing courses on:

Labour Law and Labour Procedure Law

Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure Law

Civil Law and Civil Procedure Law



Graduate Programmes - Students' Office

1st and 2nd Semester:
Ana Ferrão

Phone: (+351) 21 721 41 74

3rd Semester - Dissertation:
Anabela Filipe
Phone: (+351) 21 721 41 76


Programas - Mestrado Forense - Testemunho - Afonso Virtuoso

Afonso Virtuoso

Doutoramento em Direito pela Universidade Católica Portuguesa
"O ensino está muito focado na identificação de problemas jurídicos concretos e na forma como podem ser solucionados de forma crítica e criativa"