Master of Laws - Corporate Law

Program Description

Corporate (and Business) Law has been developing in a very significant manner in the 21st century, thus becoming an extremely relevant area of Law in modern societies.  

Corporate structures and institutions multiply, and the importance as well as dimension of commercial companies, in particular, is unprecedented. As a consequence, the growing complexity of business activities, as well as the growing demands they make, call for a permanent reflection on the adequate legal tools and solutions that are required. The Master of Corporate Law aims to provide students with a broad knowledge of corporate organizations and corporate market places, including their legal dimensions. It focuses especially on Commercial Company Law because the main economic agents operating in that market place are businesses organised as partnerships (including single-member entities).

Students will have the possibility of attending the course on Financial Accounting, which will provide them with a body of knowledge about accounting that is essential to understand the commercial company phenomenon.


Graduate Programmes - Students' Office

1st and 2nd Semester:
Ana Ferrão

Phone: (+351) 21 721 41 74

3rd Semester - Dissertation:
Anabela Filipe
Phone: (+351) 21 721 41 76



Maria Sales Luís

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