Why the Catholic University?

Specialising in a particular area of Law is an important element that allows legal practitioners to differentiate themselves in the job market and add value to their careers. For this reason, Católica | Lisbon School of Law offers five different Master’s programmes, all of which are focused on professional practice:

Each one of these programmes offers a wide range of optional courses, which allows students to make choices according to their preferences.

Main Features

  1. Rigorous admissions criteria;
  2. Innovative teaching methods with an emphasis on student participation in the learning process;
  3. Intellectually demanding programme of study;
  4. Lecturers with wide academic and practical experience.


  1. Each year, the Career Office organises the Jobshop, where every student can have privileged contact with future recruiters. It also organises specifically tailored initiatives and is available for seeing students on a one-to-one basis to help them with the traineeship and job application processes;
  2. Sharpening of fundamental skills which are normally not developed at other Universities, namely skills needed for the procedural practices and litigation rhetoric modules;
  3. Spending one semester in a foreign University through the International Mobility Programme.


Madalena Pinto de Abreu

"Excelência do corpo docente e rigor técnico do ensino"

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