European Fundamental and Human Rights Law

4 ECTS / Semester / English

This course touches the basic problemas of human rights in a comparative perspective. It defines the specific features of human rights relationship and right holders and duty bearers. Then it covers the evolution of philosophical thinking about and pratical protection of human rights (from Magna Charta to the Enlightenment and Universal Declaration of Human Rights) and the structure of contemporary instruments of human rights protection on national, regional (especially EU and Council of Europe) and universal level as well as the procedures used by these bodies. Furthermore, it analyzes human rights interpretation on concrete examples of human rights (see the program contents). By analyzing ECtHR and CJ case-law as well as case-lae of some national jurisdictions and comments and decisions of some universal human rights bodies  the course covers not only the content of the rights, but explains basic interpretative tools typical for human rights (proportionality test, defining the scope and "core2 of human rights, conflicts of human rights) too. 


Visiting Professor
Professor at Masaryk University, Czech Republic.