Fundamental Principles of Administrative Law

6 ECTs / Semester / Portuguese

This course aims to endow students with an advanced understanding of the value and importance of the principles of administrative activity to the substantive Rule of Law; the content, scope and terms of the mutual inter-relationships of the principles of administrative activity, in light of current constitutional, legal, judicial and scholarly data; the way in which the principles of administrative activity project themselves, albeit inexplicitly, on the law of administrative activity in general; the roles and positions of the principles of administrative activity on the administrative law system. Students therefore become equipped to approach current law by doing more than merely interpreting constitutional and legal texts. They learn an approach that invokes higher-level standards capable of generating not only solutions for borderline cases, but also greater justice in the solutions made readily available by the system.


Teaching Assistant
André Salgado de Matos is a Law Graduate (1996) and Master of Public Law (2001) from the Faculty of Law of the University of Lisbon, where he taught courses…