Pedro Furtado Martins

Invited Lecturer

Generic Bio

Invited Lecturer at Católica | Lisbon School of Law, where he earned his Undergraduate Degree and Master’s Degree in Private Legal Sciences and where he has lectured since 1982. Author of several books and articles in Labour Law. Regular speaker at seminars and conferences on labour-related issues. Teaches in Post-Graduate Qualifications in Labour Law at the Schools of Law of Universidade Católica Portuguesa, Universidade de Lisboa and Universidade Nova. He was part of the Committee to Analyse and Organise Labour Legislation and was a member of the White Book Committee on Labour Relations, which was entrusted with reviewing the Labour Code. He was listed as a presiding arbitrator for the Economic and Social Council. Co-author of the Annual Report on Collective Bargaining of 2015 and 2016. Partner at the law firm Campos Ferreira, Sá Carneiro & Associados. Labour lawyer and coordinator of the firm’s labour law department.