7th Edition of the Volunteer Program CATÓLICA ACTIVA

Wednesday, October 17, 2018 - 10:59

The Student Support Office invites students to participate in the Volunteer Program of the Universidade Católica Portuguesa | Lisbon – PROGRAMA CATÓLICA ACTIVA.

The active involvement in community development projects favors the enhancement of social and personal skills and strengthens the solidarity and commitment among communities.

This year we are joined by new associations and many more social, environmental and cultural projects.
Check out our volunteering opportunities particularly aimed at international students:

  • Social Development Projects - Junta de Freguesia S. Domingos Benfica (Local Council) - Public schools of São Domingos de Benfica;
  • JRS Jesuítas Portugal – Support in integrating refugees - www.jrsportugal.pt
  • Refood – Collection and preparation of food for needy families - www.refood.org/pt

There are other opportunities that require students to be fluent in Portuguese.

Get to know our entire program through the link www.gapa.lisboa.ucp.pt/catolicaactiva

Come join the community of volunteers of the Católica Activa.

For more information, please go to contact catolica.activa@lisboa.ucp.pt.