Secondary Education - Outside EU

Applicants whose nationality is from outside the EU


The admission of candidates who do not hold Portuguese or other EU-member nationality is dependent on a number of factors under the International Student Statute.

To prove the above requirements, you must sign the Declaration, under oath, that you are an eligible candidate as an "international student" and attach it to the application process.

Number of places: 2

Applications Schedule (2024/2025)

1st March
to 29th April
30th April
to 12th June
  1. In the 1st period, all candidates that meet the admissions conditions will be ranked.
  2. ​In the 2nd period, a) and b) below will be ranked together and under the same circumstances:
    a) candidates excluded from the 1st application period because their grade fell below the minimum grade required to be admitted at that time;
    b)new candidates.

Application Grade

Your secondary education final grade or the grade of a legally equivalent diploma carries a weighting of 60% of your application grade. The grade obtained with the entry examinations carries a weighting of 40%.

Calculate your application grade here.

Compulsory Entry Examinations

The entry examinations are two of the following Secondary Education subjects:

18 Portuguese | 11 History | 06 Philosophy |16 Mathematics*

(* Mathematics Applied to Social Sciences is excluded) 

Candidates that have completed their Secondary Education abroad must provide homologous examinations.  More information here

Minimum Entry Grade (0 to 200 scale):

  • Secondary education final grade equal to or greater than 100.
  • Entry examinations score equal to or greater than 95.
  • Minimum entry grade: 100 (secondary education 60% + entry examinations 40%). Applications with an application grade lower than 100 will be excluded.

Where to make your application

Candidates that have completed secondary education, whether national or international, must be submitted online only.

Documents needed:

  • Identity Card or passport (original or photocopy)   
  • Photocopy of tax payer card (or other fiscal identity document)
  • Passport size photograph
  • Declaration, on the applicant’s honour, that the candidate qualifies as an "international student"
  • Secondary Education diploma with the respective final grade and transcript;
  • Document proving the country’s grading scale;
  • Document proving the grade obtained in the secondary education final national exam (if applicable to the candidate’s country);
  • Document proving high school graduation equivalent to Portuguese Year 12, to be obtained from an official Portuguese high school.

Note: for candidates from foreign secondary education systems outside Portugal the documents required for applying must be authenticated by the official Education entities of the respective country. Or the candidate must bring along the Hague Convention Apostille.



Admissions Office - Undergraduate Programme

Maria Pereira
Phone: (+351) 21 721 41 57
Cell Phone: (+351) 91 541 91 76

All face-to-face appointments must be scheduled by email.