This network only makes sense with the engagement of our alumni.

With this in mind, the Dean’s Office invited a group of alumni representing different generations to be part of the Alumni Committee. The resulting team has been very committed to our endeavour.


Maria Câmara Pestana

Maria da Câmara Pestana

"The years spent at the Católica | Lisbon School of Law became part of who I am and have enabled me to do well what I do today. They have shaped my will to live in a better and fairer world. Presently, it is a pleasure to be back, and it makes sense to share and testify to the valuable experiences that I have had here, because this is a School that is deeply human and walks alongside all of us as we grow as individuals, through learning, teaching values and the people it is made of. As I remember my own path in “Católica”, and as I continue to tread it, I feel that roots have developed and I keep on finding new horizons and reasons to identify with this project. It is a Blessing to be able to strengthen connections with so many other Alumni, as well as seek to be an example for current students, through this experience of being “Alumni.” To study Law at Católica | Lisbon School of Law should make us think “More” Law and want to better serve others. To be an alumna here represents a great part of what I am. That is the reason I want to share these values and help make an institution that makes a lasting difference!



Sofia Gouveia Pereira

Sofia Gouveia Pereira


"After so many years, I am grateful to be back at Católica, which, strictly speaking, I have never left. The friendship with professors and students of this School, which developed during the 5-year undergraduate degree and then the post-graduation and master’s periods, has kept me attached because of the gratitude for what I have learnt and the spirit of availability and solidarity that I have encountered here. Throughout the many years when “I was no longer here”, I came back often: for conferences, seminars and other events in which I was very happy to take part due to their great quality. I was pleased to participate in the inauguration of the Alumni Network, to which I hope I can now contribute. I will do my best, knowing that what I have received will always be much greater than whatever I might give back!” 



Luís Goes

Luís Brito de Goes

"I have been a great supporter of the Católica | Lisbon School of Law Alumni Network  from day one. In my opinion, to maintain your connection to the School that educated and prepared you for your professional life is a sign of gratitude and acknowledgment of the people that have been enabling this University to be an outstanding model Academy of Law. To belong to this network is also to effectively be part of the Alumni development and assertiveness, benefitting from exchanging experiences, reinforcing skills, and expanding your contact network, which is always useful in the global professional framework in which we currently work. I also believe that the possibility of helping and accompanying the current Católica | Lisbon School of Law students, complementing their academic education with real, and more practical, experiences, is a very relevant, if not the most relevant, aspect of this network. The involvement of each and every one of us will determine and encourage the dynamics of our Alumni Network.”



Lowndes Marques

Filipe Lowndes Marques

"I am very proud of being a Católica graduate. I am proud of having studied at the best Law School in Portugal. I am proud of having been made to study subjects in depth, in a manner that proved to be much more demanding than that of other universities. I am proud of having been taught to think for myself, to identify problems and issues even when one has not yet had the time to grasp the subject thoroughly. I feel proud when I see the success that my colleagues have not only in the different areas of Law but also in other activities. I am proud of having been made to sit oral exams that have enabled me, for the rest of my life, to be comfortable answering questions to which one does not know the answer! And, finally, I have ongoing pride in the fact that Católica | Lisbon School of Law is at the forefront of innovations and improvements in law education, so as to make it increasingly more appealing and useful for all the students that join this institution every year.”



Tiago Neto

Tiago Neto

"I remember Law School with longing and gratitude. Longing for the discovery of Law, thinking about it as a young man, next to colleagues and professors who taught me what I know today. Gratitude for the fact that they did it with freedom and in a demanding manner, encouraging individual development, while at the same time reinforcing an ethical and social sense. To be Alumni is a permanent reminder to give back. It is the reminder that the spirit of Academia has not died on the day that we graduated but rather lasts throughout our whole lives. It is to belong to a network, which is almost like a family, of so many others that started out the same way that we did. We all win. Students win because university life becomes richer and more meaningful when academic hypotheses confront real Life. Alumni win because we go back to our School, and leave our print in a place where others have left theirs for our benefit. Let’s get to work!”