Inheritance Law

4 ECTS / Semester / Portuguese

Inheritance Law, which is so often disregarded, is one of the fundamental threads in the background of any legal expert. Although much of today’s wealth is anchored in legal entities, this has not at all led to the demise of inheritance law; to the contrary, the diversification of wealth, the shift from the paradigm of immovable to movable assets is one of the biggest challenges in Inheritance Law. In this light, the goal of the course is to give students the necessary tools to understand the phenomenon of inheritance. Firstly, politically and socially, Inheritance Law is greatly marked by tradition, by the underlying economic conditions and by unquestionable political options.  Trying to understand the phenomenon of inheritance as a “paradise of concepts” (Jehring) disconnected from reality is one of the notions this course tries to fight. Secondly, technically and legally, the course seeks to ensure students are familiar with the legal regimes, doctrines and case law that will allow them to confidently monitor and execute an inheritance.


Professor of Law
Teaching Assistant at Católica | Lisbon School of Law, where he earned his Undergraduate Degree. He is currently pursuing his Doctoral Degree in Civil Law, in…