The Postgraduate Course in Real Estate Law is composed of 7 modules. Attendance is compulsory and the course favours a practical approach to the issues, as well as participants’ intervention in the sessions.

3h Introduction

General Real Estate Contracts

4h Transactions to transfer rights over real estate
2h Measures by creditors to have certain transactions by their debtors declared void as prejudicial to their interests
3h The real estate brokerage contract
4h The works contract
7h The urban lease regime
3h Licensing, form of transactions and registration
4h Lease - special eviction procedure

Property Law

3h Original methods of acquiring property over real estate: Accession and adverse possession
2h Lesser property rights of use over real estate
2h Contitularidade de direitos: compropriedade, condomínio, comunhão conjugal e herança não partilhada
1h30 Claims of possession and of ownership
2h Claim of pre-emption
2h Interim injunctions
3h Horizontal property, real estate complexes and registration


4h Common form of financing - loan
2h Security
3h Special forms of financing - property leasing transaction
4h Property financing

Real Estate Investment Vehicles

3h Investors and supervisors of undertakings for collective investment in transferable securities
4h Other undertakings and real estate investment companies and other real estate investment vehicles
3h Real estate investment undertakings: real estate investment funds
4h Money laundering


3h Taxes on transfer and ownership of real estate
4h Real estate investment structures - tax regime
3h Specific instances of real estate taxation

Administrative Law

11H Regional planning and management. Legal regime for Development and Construction. Urban Rehabilitation
3h Real Estate Due Diligence, Urban Planning and Development Deals

Special Regimes

4h Tourist developments - the applicable legal regime and special contracts. The legal regime for operating local accommodation
3h Shopping malls
4h Tourist complexes: contracts and operation


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