Gonçalo Saraiva Matias

Professor of Law

Generic Bio

Gonçalo Saraiva Matias is the Dean of the Católica Global School of Law, Professor at the Faculty of Law of the Catholic University of Portugal, where he also obtained his bachelor's, master's and doctorate degrees, and Visiting Professor at the Washington University in St. Louis. He is Director of Research and member of the Executive Committee and of the Board of Directors of the Foundation. He conducted research at the Georgetown University Law School as a Fulbright Visiting Scholar. Most of his work falls within Regulatory, Administrative, Constitutional and International Law. From 2008 to 2014, he was Advisor to the Portuguese President in Legal and Constitutional Affairs, and he has been Consultant to the President since 2014. He was the Director of the Migration Observatory, Secretary of State for the Administrative Modernisation of the XX Constitutional Government.