Católica University of Oslo| Professors will participate in AI Regulation and Governance Conference

Thursday, May 23, 2024 - 16:28

On June 5, Professors Giovanni De Gregorio, Henrique Sousa Antunes and Tito Rendas will participate in the upcoming conference on 'AI Regulation and Governance: A Cross-Jurisdictional Approach' organized by the University of Oslo, in partnership with the research group on Law and Artificial Intelligence of the Católica Research Centre for the Future of Law (Portugal).

Conferência Oslo IA

The primary objective of the conference is to contribute to the ongoing discourse surrounding the regulation and governance of AI, both within Europe and on a global scale. The participation of our faculty members underscores Católica's commitment to advancing research at the intersection of law and AI.

During the event, our faculty will delve into various critical topics.

  • Professor Giovanni De Gregorio will explore the intricate relationship between AI and Digital Constitutionalism, shedding light on the constitutional challenges posed by the emergence and public accessibility of AI technologies.
  • Professor Henrique Sousa Antunes will analyze the EU's Proposed AI Liability Directive, providing valuable perspectives on the legal measures proposed by the EU to address issues of liability arising from AI applications.
  • Lastly, Professor Tito Rendas will examine the complex copyright landscape concerning AI-generated outputs, elucidating whether and to what extent this type of content can be protected by copyright law.

The participation of Católica faculty members in this conference exemplifies the institution's dedication to fostering cutting-edge research in the field of law and technology. It also highlights the significant role played by the research group led by Professor Henrique Sousa Antunes in advancing scholarly activities at the nexus of law and artificial intelligence.

For further details and the complete program, please visit the conference page.