Andrea Gaspar

Undergraduate in Law

"I have always heard people say that university years are the best in your life. And indeed they were, not merely because I was at University but rather because I attended Católica | Lisbon School of Law.
Whenever I am asked whether I enjoyed studying at Católica, my answer is immediate: “I felt at home.” When I look back, I think of all the details that make me think about this School with a smile on my face: from the staff in the cafeteria, who already knew how I preferred my coffee, to not having the need to really make plans with my best friends, because the Faculty provided me with that on a daily basis, including realising that I was not “transparent” to any professor.
I am proud to say that these four years have trained me for life. Time cannot go back, and nor do I wish it did. Therefore, looking only into the future, all I can say is that I would be as happy as I can be if one day my children chose the Católica to launch their dreams, just like I did."

Catarina Sikiniotis

Undergraduate in Law

"As I take stock of these last 4 years of my undergraduate studies, I realise that in this School I have learnt to do better and to do more, without ever forgetting the values that are essential to me. The merit scholarships were, no doubt, an additional motivation to continue to challenge myself on a daily basis and to show results that could meet the level of the academic education that the School offers.
The factor that fundamentally distinguishes this Faculty from others is, most certainly, the outstanding level and the preparation for the practice of law. During this period, I also had the chance to do a summer internship at Morais Leitão, Galvão Teles, Soares da Silva & Associados law firm, as well as take part in several academic events, such as conferences, the Mentoring Programme and, annually, the “JobShop”, a very important event for whoever wishes to get to know the real job market and start to build their contact network."

João Lobita

Undergraduate in Law

"The rigour and the outstanding level of UCP’s teaching have equipped me with the necessary tools for the job market. I have graduated and applied for the Master’s Degree at UCP because I know that "Law is at Católica"!
Throughout the four-year undergraduate degree, I’ve gained not only knowledge, but also a work rhythm and an education as a human being. I have always advised future law students, and I will continue to do so, to attend this university, where they will be supported not only by the professors, but also by their colleagues, the non-academic staff in the different departments and the institution itself."

Madalena Reynolds

"I reached the end of these four years knowing for certain that I could not have made a better choice. There is no doubt that “Law is at Católica”. I would be lying if I said that it is not a demanding degree. However, that is the reason why it is so challenging and why it makes us gain a strong sense of responsibility. At Católica all your efforts pay off, and students know that permanent support is guaranteed, not only because of the lecturers’ availability, but also through the help of the Careers Office.
The close environment and spirit of friendship that characterises this School makes us all feel “at home.” I was therefore able to make great friends during these four years, in addition to having broadened my knowledge of law through learning with the best law practitioners in each field of Law. In short, I have to thank Católica for the opportunity that I was given because it not only contributed to great personal growth, and to my growth as a legal expert, but it also allowed me to come to the realisation that the career that I want for myself is that of a lawyer."

Rita Gomes

"To think about the four years spent at Católica is to think about the emotional rollercoaster that I experienced from the first to the last day at Católica | Lisbon School of Law.
It is to think about an unknown that became known, a second home which for four years provided me with the essential tools to develop my career in the field of Law, and which taught me to want more and dream higher.
Some of the most memorable moments of the past few years took place at Católica – which is where I made friends for life and where I grew up, both in personal and intellectual terms.
I carry fond memories of my time at Católica, which is also a reflection of all the effort, work, dedication and success that characterised the four-year period, which was so intense that, as I look back now, it seems to have flown past.
Wherever I go, this is what I will carry with me. And all the nostalgia."

Rodrigo Campos

Licenciado em Direito

I always wanted to study law but this Faculty adds a few important extra details to the degree: outstanding teaching; outstanding human relations developed on a daily basis – student/student, Professor/student, Non-academic staff/student; a great support office – the “Law Office” – for solving every administrative problem we might encounter during the undergraduate degree; “Legal Clinics,” which are an opportunity for students to enrol, if they choose to, in a course that will facilitate their integration in a law firm/company. We are thus called to put into practice the knowledge that we have gained in theory. This opportunity, at KPMG, helped me with the decision to apply for the specialisation which I am currently doing.
As I look back today, and knowing everything that I now know about this Faculty, the teaching and how well regarded the degree is in the job market, I feel that I would like to start my undergraduate degree all over again. I am also sure that students who are now about to start their degree will feel the same as I do after their four years.

Rodrigo Moreira

To study Law at Católica is a great responsibility. I say this because I believe that Católica is a university that deserves students as dedicated as Católica itself: it successfully looks after its students, by helping them, from the beginning to the end of their academic paths, entering the job market. This is done through the tireless dynamics of the Careers Office - and, in particular, through initiatives such as JobShop or Legal Clinics. The University also values the students’ efforts by awarding Merit Scholarships and Academic Merit Prizes, and provides them with a thorough, demanding and rigorous academic education, as well as access to excellent internationalisation opportunities (either through TLC, the Erasmus programme or countless international partnerships).
In the four years that I spent at Católica, I made my greatest friends, and I learned a lot about Law, as well as the values and principles that I have come to adopt. I also faced difficult challenges, of course, but I was very happy. I would do it all over again and I am sure that I will return some day!

Sofia Cabrita

By adopting an academic merit prize system, Católica encourages students to seek whatever the goal that brought them there: it fosters their willingness to work hard, their ability to commit, and the outstanding level of their work.
Academic merit prizes testify to the fact that the students’ efforts pay off. Moreover, they harmonise the values that Católica promotes: the excellent level of its students and their preparation for the job market.

Sofia David

The Law Faculty has always encouraged me to take on my own projects, and provided the support that I needed to carry them out. The Faculty’s collaboration was a decisive aspect in my ability to make my academic path stand out, and it not only greatly enriched my undergraduate experience, but also aligned it perfectly with my goals.
Further to this being available for students, the faculty is deeply committed to helping them reach an outstanding level. For each student, the possibility of being awarded an academic merit prize in each year of their undergraduate degree is an additional motivation to permanently excel. It also shows that the quality they achieve does not go unnoticed.


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