Bruno Palhão

Trainee Lawyer
Uría Menéndez - Proença de Carvalho

“During the final year of my undergraduate degree, I encountered two doubts: what Master’s Degree best matched my objectives and what university would provide me with the most tools to be successful in the future. What I found in the Católica Master’s Degree in Law and Management met all of my expectations. This provides a challenging program, able to remove the fear of numbers from lawyers, supplying an integrated vision of how to resolve problems and develop the competences necessary to prevail in any area of activity. At Católica, I found the staff always ready to help, a range of professors that stand out not only for their quality but also for their proximity and a career office proactively integrating students into the job market.  The competitive advantage of Católica stems from knowing how to bridge the gap between teaching and the market, recognising how the former shapes the latter and responds to its needs.”

Diogo Pinto Basto


“After graduating in Law and taking into account the current conjuncture in which the Master’s Degree is an essential dimension to your academic background, and the doubts that I had about my chosen professional path, the Master’s Degree in Law and Management seemed like the right option for the following  reasons: this is a fairly complete program that opens up various different professional opportunities; this provides highly qualified teaching; mixed subjects lectured by professors with high levels of professionalism and demand, which enable students to gain thorough knowledge across both facets. In addition to all the reasons already identified, there is also a fundamental practical dimension in order to reach out to the world of work. I do consider that my option for this Master’s Degree was the best as, in addition to having expanded my range of professional options, just as I had sought, it has enriched me as a person which shall certainly have a strong impact on my professional future.”

Inês Freire de Almeida

“Following the conclusion of my undergraduate degree in Law, the choice of the Master’s Degree in Law and Management was not difficult as this enabled me to conciliate the continuation of my path through Law with the discovery of a new field that attracted my curiosity. The Master’s Degree in Law and Management holds the advantage of providing the acquisition of knowledge that helps us to understand the reality of companies and their markets and that undoubtedly boosts our competences as law specialists. This is a challenging program that constantly takes us out of our comfort zone. Due to its demands and scope, I consider this wonderful preparation for the job market. Furthermore, I would highlight the fact that the Faculty constantly maintains connections between students and the job market. The Católica Master’s Degree in Law and Management raises our range of professional opportunities. I would advise in favour of this program for all those seeking to follow different paths to the traditional juridical professions.”

Raquel Vaz

Trainee Lawyer

"If I had to describe the Master’s Degree in Law and Management in a few words: pertinent, innovative and demanding! During my degree, I became aware of the connection between Law and Management and the Economy. I understood that there was a need for a better understanding of the corporate sector and I perceived this master’s as an instrument to achieve this. Here, I found exactly what I was looking for: practical teaching, very useful, recognised by employer entities and that endowed me with more and better competences to be a more complete candidates for the employment market. I would highlight the importance given to group working, an advantageous fact for any student who, like myself, perceives themselves as latter joining a team in a law firm. Here, the demands take place with the accompaniment of the professors, with the close relationship they maintain with students and the good environment and companionship prevailing among colleagues. I would fully recommend this master’s to all of those who imagine themselves one day becoming managers or lawyers at large companies or law firms and to those who have yet to decide between the Law and Management."


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