Coordinator: Germano Marques da Silva 

Integrated members:
José Augusto Preto Xavier Lobo Moutinho
José Manuel Damião da Cunha
Maria Paula Bonifácio Leite Ribeiro de Faria
Maria da Conceição Fonseca Ferreira da Cunha
Henrique João Martins Gomes Salinas Monteiro
Sandra Tavares
Rita Lynce de Faria

This research group is committed to conduct legal research in fields where the tension between individual and communal security and the fair treatment of all, under due process requirements is currently most visible. 

It will therefore strive to understand regulatory authorities on the use of their powers to ensure a timely and effective response to individual breaches of enforceable regulations, before fears of restrictions on due process guarantees on the part of supervised entities.

It will also consider expediency and simplification concerns, as well as limitation of judicial review in areas such as administrative offense regulations and in the recently reformed national civil and criminal procedural legislation. 

Lines of inquiry will also be set on the reconsideration of traditional elements of responsibility ascription forced upon traditional legal doctrine on different fronts, from, among others, the challenge posed by technical development and the increase of risk factors capable of inflicting mass damage, to the pervasive damaging effects on good governance standards in the face of corruption and abuse of discretion.