The Postgraduate Course in Health Law offers an interdisciplinary curriculum, and brings together legal experts, doctors, economists, pharmacists and other health professionals. They constitute an eclectic body of teaching staff which will establish a fruitful dialogue between Health Law and other areas of knowledge which are directly involved.  This is precisely the environment that we wish to replicate in debate-oriented classes, where the medical and the legal perspectives will come together to analyse issues concerning areas as relevant as the ethical-legal limits of health care provision, the legally supported protection of health, the legal relationship of health care provision, and the legal regime concerning medicines.

Fundamental Right to Health Protection

3h Human Health as a Legal Asset: Medical and Legal Perspectives
6h National Health Service in Times of Crisis
1h30 Fundamental Right to Health Protection: Right to Freedom or Social Right?
1h30 Can the State Oblige Us Be Healthy?
4h30 International and European Protection of Human Heath

The Legal Relationship in Providing Healthcare Services

4h30 Access to the Healthcare Services Market and its Regulation
1h30 Engaging Healthcare Services
1h30 The Challenges of Health Insurance
1h30 The Legal Position of the Healthcare Service User
4h30 Obligation of Care
1h30 Free and Informed Consent
3h Data Protection and Professional Secrecy
1h30 E-Health and Law
1h30 Civil Liability and Service Malfunction
3h Civil Liability due to Clinical Error
1h30 Criminal Liability of Healthcare Professionals
3h Legal Procedures and Issues in Determining Death

Ethical and legal issues of Healthcare Provision

Semester Ethical and Legal Issues of Healthcare Provision
4h The Problem of End of Life Healthcare Services
3h Advance Directives
1h30 Assisted Reproduction
1h30 Fundamental Right to Conscientious Objection
1h30 Ethics, Law and Organ Transplants
3h Ethic Committees

Legal Regime for Medication

3h Clinical Trials and Innovative Medication - Legal and Medical Perspectives
1h30 Medication and Borderline Products
1h30 Medication Marketing Authorisation
1h30 National Systems to Assess Healthcare Technologies
1h30 Medication Patents
3h Prescription, Dispensation, Clinical Guidance Standards and the Patient’s Right to Choose - Medical and Legal Perspectives
1h30 Co-Payments and Other Costs with Medication
1h30 Regulation of Controlled Substances


Executive Education

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