State Reform: Efficiency and Sustainability

Coordinator: Mário António de Sousa Aroso de Almeida

Integrated Members:
Maria Filipa Pires Urbano Costa Calvão
Raquel Maria Resende Duarte de Carvalho
Luis Manuel da Costa Sousa da Fábrica
Marta Vaz Canavarro Portocarrero de Carvalho
Manuel Afonso da Silva Pereira Vaz
Jorge Pereira da Silva
Pedro Machete

This research line aims to develop studies and training activities in the fields of the reform of public administration and the reform of the administration of justice.

1. The Modernization of Public Administration, including organizational solutions and mechanisms for concentration and simplification proceedings and safeguarding of fundamental rights in this context namely in the field of personal data protection;

2. The Reform of the civil service regarding models of human resource management of Public Administration, institutional training and qualification of these resources, evaluation of new organizational models, support for training and qualification of employees in the public service;

3. The Reform of the Welfare State, in the perspective of the evolution of state functions in a globalized world regarding financial sustainability, principles of intergenerational justice and sustainability of public policies.

Concerning the reform of the administration of justice, the thematic area includes management models and mechanisms for alternative dispute resolution.

In these listed areas, it’s intended to draw up comparative studies at European and international level, to promote public debates on the proposed solutions and to conduct international conferences and training activities.